Oct 2014 FMSPhotoaDay Food theme
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Photo A Day – Food Theme with recipes

October 2014 FMS PADThis month Chantelle Elem at Fat Mum Slim changed up her normal Photo A Day prompts and assigned a letter to each day plus the numbers 1 through 5. You can take a picture of ANYTHING that symbolizes the prompt to you.

As soon as I saw the list, I knew food was going to be the easiest way to complete the challenge this month. Plus it gave me a post a day on my social media accounts.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen them daily, but here they are all together.

Oct 2014 FMSPhotoaDay Food theme

I really like how the collage came out and I look forward to doing it again next month. I am not sure I am going to be another food/cooking theme next month though.

Just for fun, here are some recipes to go along with the pictures:

A is for Apple Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Icing –  these were soooo good. Probably one of my favorite recipes this month.

B is for Baking Brooms –  The Witches Broom Cookies I made for our Halloween Fill the Cookie Jar group.

C is for Candy – I don’t have a recipe for these TMNT gummies, but I have a Ninja Turtle M&M Cookies, Ninja Turtle Stained Glass Cookies and Ninja Turtle Popcorn Balls

D is for Donuts Dripping Delicious Glaze – I made some Refrigerator Biscuit Donuts and made a glaze out of powdered sugar and maple syrup.

E is for Eggs – I have a whole category of egg recipes, but I will pick just one for this: Coconut Curried Eggs, boiled eggs baked in a curry sauce = A..MAZ…ING

F is for Fruit Bowl – my recipe for fruit is usually just chill and eat, except bananas. Never chill bananas unless you want to freeze them to make Banana Swirl.

G is for Garlic – for an easy and faster way to roast garlic just break in to cloves and slowly sauté in a skillet over medium with a little oil until soft, then peel and add to sauces or spread on bread.

H is for Homemade Hawaiian Bread – the closest I have come to matching the store bought ones. Though I admit I overcooked these loaves a bit :(.

I is for Ice Cream – the photo is Dreyer’s Peppermint Wonderland (not a sponsor of the post, but I would happily take a coupon or two if they offer it). I do have Country Vanilla Ice Cream that could be converted to Peppermint Wonderland with some extract and mini chocolate chips.

J is for Jars and a Jet Stream – okay I blew it, the one photo that isn’t actually food. I should have gone with jelly like the Red Grape Lavender Jelly or the easiest jam ever Strawberry Fig Jam.

K is for Kielbasa and Knife – I have my husband’s family’s recipe for kielbasa that I just realized I have never posted about. Sorry, I will add it to my to blog file.

L is for Lavender – yes, I cook with lavender. Besides the jelly recipe above, there are a few more ideas here.

M is for Mushrooms – cut up for Mezetti, a hearty one pot meal of beef and pasta.

N is for nuts – pistashios: put in mouth, suck off the salt, crack open with teeth, split open the shell, eat nut. My dentist would cringe, but my doctor would be fine with it since I have really low blood pressure.

O is for Oregano – no specific recipe here, though I throw it in most Italian and Mexican dishes.

P is for Pumpkin Gnocchi with Bacon Alfredo – a post I wrote for the Crazy Ingredient Challenge.

Q is for Quinoa Sprout Salad – quinoa sprouts in about 24 hours and in sprouting it uses up a lot of carbohydrates making it a super low-carb food.

R is for Rice – this is the rice blend I used for the Lemon Thyme Wild Rice.

S is for Snack of String cheese and Sliced apple – no recipe to add here, open the string cheese and cut up an apple.

T is for Tart Shells – just a basic pie crust recipe that I cut with a 3″ biscuit cutter and slid into mini muffin tins. I will have the crust recipe up on Tuesday.

U is for Upside Down Cupcakes – this was the hardest letter! I may post the recipe for these one day, I whipped them up at the last minute just for the prompt.

V is for Vegetable Soup – chicken stock, whatever vegetables I had in the fridge plus a can of diced tomatoes and season to taste.

W is for Waffles – these were from a recipe that came with the waffle iron which I may post later, but in the meantime I’ll give you these Banana Waffles which are just as good (and healthier)

X is for Xanthan Gum – it is derived from an inert bacteria and is used to thicken recipes, particularly those that are gluten-free.

Y is for Yogurt – the photo is obviously a store-bought single serve yogurt (ugh! yes, Mommy caved to the pleading eyes) but here are the instructions to make your own.

Z is for Zucchini – this Zucchini Frittata has always been a family favorite.

ONE Maple Cream Tassie – sorry, this is a teaser recipe and will be posted next Thursday for Fill the Cookie Jar. You want to come back for it.

TWO Cake Balls – made these for the teachers at school with some leftover cake I had in the freezer.

THREE Fall Harvest Pancakes – also could be called Apple Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, but pumpkin spice has been so overdone this year.

FOUR pieces of pizza – my Ninja in Training wants pizza all the time! I have been making a big batch of crust and prebaking some to have on hand for snack and lunch.

FIVE candy corn – these are store bought but you can make your own with this Homemade Candy Corn recipe.


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