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Rumtopf Recipe and Printable

Rumtopf squareRumtopf takes the longest to prepare of any recipe I have on the site. It literally takes MONTHS! But that is all sitting time. The actual work is less than 5 minutes a month.

What is Rumtopf? Literally translated it means Rum Pot in German. In Danish it is spelled Rumkrukke. It is a way to preserve fruit when it is ripe to enjoy in the winter time. Quite simply it is fruit and sugar soaked in rum for months. Then in the winter you can enjoy both the liqueur and the fruit.

Traditionally it is made in a crock in rather small amounts. When I first heard of it last year and knew I was going to make it for gifts this winter so I made a big batch in a plastic container. Now I am putting it in mason jars with these printables and a cute bow, to give away to friends and family.

I started in spring with strawberries and raspberries:

strawberries and raspberries muddled

Later adding peaches (blanched to remove skin, pit removed and sliced):

muddled peaches

Both red grapes and Thompson grapes from my garden:

muddled Thompson and red table grapes

I also added blackberries, cherries (pitted first) in August and eventually apples (peeled, cored and sliced) in September.

For each fruit I covered it with half its weight in sugar (1 pound fruit add 1/2 pound of sugar) let it sit for 8-12 hours, then covered in rum. The fruit rose to the top when I added it to the rum, so I put a piece of plastic and weighted it down with a salad plate to prevent the fruit being exposed to air.


Then I let it sit, checking every week or so to make sure it didn’t mold.

After months, the fruit will all have pretty much the same dark purple color. And the rum is sweet and fruity.

rumtopf in crock

The fruit can be put on top of ice cream:

Rumtopf over ice cream

or waffles:

rumtopf on waffles

And the liqueur can be served as a cordial or mixed with eggnog.


Meal type Beverage
Occasion Christmas
Region German
Rumtopf is a German treat of rum, sugar and fresh fruit preserved for months. Includes a printable for mason jars for gift giving. Rumkrukke.


  • Fruit (ripe, firm and unblemished)
  • Sugar (no substitutes, must be sugar for the preservation process)
  • Dark Rum (minimum 80 proof, good quality)


Suggestions of fruits to use: berries, cherries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, apricots, grapes

Do not use: bananas, melons, or citrus


When in season, clean fruit. Remove stems, leaves, pits and tough skins from such fruits as apples, peaches and plums. Weigh fruit.
In a bowl, combine fruit and half it's weight in sugar. For every pound of fruit add half a pound of sugar. Let sit approximately 8-12 hours until syrup forms.
Add fruit and juices to a large crock. Cover with rum.
Add additional fruit as it comes into season, ending with apples and pears in the late fall. Let sit for another month before serving or giving as gifts.

Since it is too late in the year to make this for Christmas this year, I suggest you pin it for next spring and consider making some of our other homemade liqueurs such as Amaretto or Galliano.

Of course if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, now is the time to start the Rumtopf!

Until next time, happy eating (and drinking)!

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