Panko Rosemary Crusted Salmon with Orange Sauce
Main Courses - meatless, Seafood

Panko Crusted Salmon with Orange Sauce

Wow, the two ingredients for the Crazy Ingredient Challenge stumped me for a bit this month: citrus and bread crumbs. I'd be shocked I am the only one in the group to make something breaded with an orange sauce, but I have a secret ingredient. This Panko Crusted Salmon with Orange Sauce is simple and quick… Continue reading Panko Crusted Salmon with Orange Sauce

antipasto with tuna and pickled vegetables in tomato sauce
Appetizers, Relishes, Jams and Jellies, Seafood

Calabrese Antipasto and Tasty Tuesdays Link Up

Nothing says Thanksgiving to me more than Antipasto and Pate. Huh? When you party with the Lalanne clan it is pretty easy to figure out the Pate part and our family recipe is oh so easy to make and delicious too. But the Antipasto, well I have to admit, I have no idea where the recipe came… Continue reading Calabrese Antipasto and Tasty Tuesdays Link Up

Shrimp Creole - saute veggies and shrimp, add canned tomatoes and spices and serve over rice - dinner in 30 minutes.
Main Courses - meatless, Seafood

Weeknight Fast, Delicious and Healthy Shrimp Creole

I seem to be posting quite a few quick weeknight meals lately. But, I am not hearing any complaints so I figure there are plenty of other people who are looking for fast, easy and healthy meals to prepare. This Shrimp Creole definitely fits the bill. And, is pretty darn delicious if I do say so… Continue reading Weeknight Fast, Delicious and Healthy Shrimp Creole

Cold Rice Salad -
Poultry, Rice, Seafood

Cold Rice Salad

In 1999, my parents hosted a family reunion for the Lalanne and Vineys families. It was a bit bigger than our usual 4th of July party. And everyone had a blast getting to know each other. Some cousins hadn't seen each other in decades, and to watch them scamper after each other you'd have thought they were… Continue reading Cold Rice Salad

Garlic Recipes -
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Garlic Garlic Everywhere!

Another year, another missed Gilroy Garlic Festival. Some year maybe M won't have summer school. But, if any of his campuses are offering him a class to teach at any time, he'll take it! If you have never been to the Garlic Festival, put it on your Gotta Go list. Great music, fun arts/crafts sale, and INCREDIBLY… Continue reading Garlic Garlic Everywhere!

Barbecue Rub Grilling Rub
Beef, Main Courses - meat, Main Courses - meatless, Pork, Poultry, Seafood

Gid and Clark’s Righteous Rib Rub

I have been known on occasion to pester my brother to send me recipes for the site, like his Peppermint Bark Cheesecake. After I received an e-mail from my Uncle Clark recently, all I can say is "like daughter like mother". Ma'am has been pestering her little brother to share some of his recipes with us. Technically, Clark used the… Continue reading Gid and Clark’s Righteous Rib Rub

Salmon Cakes with Creamy Feta Sauce
Appetizers, Main Courses - meatless, Sauces, Seafood

Salmon Cakes

A few years ago, my brother and I were discussing Feta cheese. I don't really remember how the subject came up, but he said "I use it in a cream sauce that goes great with Salmon Cakes." My brain only registered the words, "Salmon Cakes". I demanded politely asked if he would please be so kind… Continue reading Salmon Cakes