Citrus Squash - alcohol free sparkling drink made with lemon, lime and orange. No sugar added. Can be used in mixed drinks. Lemon Squash. Lime Squash.

No Sugar Added Citrus Squash Drink plus Tasty Tuesdays

Have you ever heard of a "Squash" drink? I am not talking about a pumpkin smoothie. This is a refreshing alcohol free bubbly citrus drink. Traditionally it is a Lemon Squash, and Martha Stewart has a recipe for a Lime Squash. But, I decided to combine lemon, lime and orange to make a Citrus Squash.… Continue reading No Sugar Added Citrus Squash Drink plus Tasty Tuesdays

Thyme Infused Limoncello - homemade lemon liqueur with thyme or other herb (rosemary, basil, etc.)

Herb Infused Limoncello – Crazy Ingredient Challenge

It is time for another Crazy Ingredient Challenge, when our intrepid bloggers choose two ingredients not normally paired together and try to make a dish with them. This month we chose thyme and lemons as our two ingredients. Not exactly a strange combination. These two ingredients pair together nicely in so many different ways. But,… Continue reading Herb Infused Limoncello – Crazy Ingredient Challenge

Margaritas, Micheladas and Agua de Jamaica

Mexican Independence Day Beverages

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16. No, it is not on May 5th. Really, Google it if you don't believe me. I'll wait. If Mother Nature is blessing you with an extended summer (read scorching hot and humid) like she is us here in Southern California, you might want something cool and refreshing… Continue reading Mexican Independence Day Beverages

Hot Buttered Rum recipe

7 Scrumptious Recipes for Hot Buttered Rum

January 17th is Hot Buttered Rum Day according to Serendipity and Spice's A Blogger's List of National Days.  An extensive 5 minute search found that no one seems to know  how or when this holiday was started, but who cares. It gives me something to blog about. Hot Buttered Rum originated in Colonial America when molasses… Continue reading 7 Scrumptious Recipes for Hot Buttered Rum

Rumtopf over ice cream
Beverages, Fruit

Rumtopf Recipe and Printable

Rumtopf takes the longest to prepare of any recipe I have on the site. It literally takes MONTHS! But that is all sitting time. The actual work is less than 5 minutes a month. What is Rumtopf? Literally translated it means Rum Pot in German. In Danish it is spelled Rumkrukke. It is a way to preserve… Continue reading Rumtopf Recipe and Printable