Dinner in 30 Minutes: 10 Easy Recipes to Wow Your Family

You trudge into the kitchen after working all day and then you get to start the second shift and prepare dinner. Or you are running the kids around to all of their activities, juggling homework in between only to be serenaded by a chorus or two of “I’m starving”.

Fast food gets expensive after awhile. And PB&J or a bowl of cereal get boring pretty fast.

You want to put a healthy meal on the table, but there never seems to be enough time.

Help is here. This mini cookbook has 10 easy recipes you can prepare in about 30 minutes. No fancy techniques or hard to find ingredients. You probably already have the ingredients for most of these in your kitchen now.

Dinner in 30 Minutes: 10 Easy Recipes to Wow Your Family. Simple healthy homemade weeknight dinners.

It includes recipes for beef, pork, chicken, eggs and seafood; plus many of the recipes can be made with whatever protein you prefer.

And if you sometimes have to worry about different taste preferences in your house (or am I the only one with “picky eaters”?), many of the recipes can be customized by the diner with very little effort on the cook’s part.

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