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New Year’s Eve Party Recipes

Wow, I have been so busy enjoying my family this week that I haven't had a chance to get over here and post. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate the holiday, otherwise I hope you have had a wonderful week. To top off my laziness I am going with another recipe round up. This… Continue reading New Year’s Eve Party Recipes

Enchiladas - Beef, Chicken or Cheese
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Enchiladas, Margaritas and Micheladas

I feel the same about Cinco de Mayo as I do about St Patrick's Day. Both have become perverted by the alcohol industry in America (particularly the beer industry). What started as a celebration of ethnic pride has in many cases just turned into an excuse to go out and drink heavily. Ugh! So, am I selling out… Continue reading Enchiladas, Margaritas and Micheladas

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Pucker Up

It is citrus season here in the southwestern U.S. Unfortunately I only have about 20 Satsuma tangerines this year, nothing on the two types of oranges, lemons, limes or tangelos this year. But, Ma'am's Lisbon lemon tree was just getting ripe when we were there so I came back with two full grocery bags. A dozen went to my mother-in-law and I made all of the above with the rest.

Homemade Kahlua - Coffee flavored liqueur - That Recipe
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The holidays are coming – the holidays are coming!

No, I am not one of those crazy ladies that has all of her Christmas shopping done before Halloween.  But, I do have a simple yet special holiday gift idea to share now because they take time to age - homemade liqueurs! and for those that do not drink alcohol, infused oil or vinegars. You… Continue reading The holidays are coming – the holidays are coming!