California Style Corn Salsa - Just a few simple ingredients mixed together, then chill and serve as a salsa or side dish. Corn, artichoke hearts, red peppers
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California Style Corn Salsa

Summer is here which delicious fresh corn is almost in season. If you want a little different way to serve it as an appetizer or side dish with minimal effort, this scrumptious California Style Corn Salsa is just the ticket. Salsas have come a long way of late, combining all kinds of ingredients with all… Continue reading California Style Corn Salsa

Bacon and Crackling Bread

Bacon and Cracklin Bread plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky

Have you heard the news?! A sequel to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is on the way this summer! To say I am excited would be an understatement. So, to celebrate I thought it was high time I tried to make one of the recipes in the book that I have always been interesting in… Continue reading Bacon and Cracklin Bread plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky

Hominy Tortillas -
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Hominy Tortillas

Continuing our Corn theme this week here's another tortilla recipe from The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook, Hominy Tortillas. You can make basic corn tortillas using the recipe on the package of masa harina, but if you want to add a special texture to them, try adding some hominy. They taste like fresh from corn pulp tortillas. Use them with… Continue reading Hominy Tortillas