Smoked Salmon Spread -
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Smoked Salmon Spread or Dip

Smoked Salmon Spread is one of those recipes like Portuguese Beans that both Ma'am and I swore was on the site, but when she went to look for it we realized we had both somehow missed posting it. Maybe because we have both made it so many times we don't even look at a recipe anymore. Or because it only has… Continue reading Smoked Salmon Spread or Dip

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Secrets your Mama didn’t tell you.

I feel bad for most dads and kids when it comes to Mother's Day. Every person wants to feel important and appreciated. And I'll be honest, we moms have been conditioned by the marketing gurus to expect to be appreciated on Mother's Day. I assume most dads have screwed up this day by either forgetting it, ignoring it… Continue reading Secrets your Mama didn’t tell you.