Summer Treats: Popsicles - not your ordinary popsicles: blueberry basil, strawberries and cream, whole fruit patriotic pops, strawberry kiwi and more.
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Summer Treats: Popsicles plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

Last week we had so many inspirational dishes shared. But, since today is officially summer I had to feature one of my favorite summer treats: Popsicles. But these aren't your ordinary colored sugar water in an ice tray ice pops. These bloggers really stepped up their frozen treat game with some wonderful combinations. Clockwise from… Continue reading Summer Treats: Popsicles plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

20 Summer Produce Recipes
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20 Fabulous Summer Produce Recipes – Tasty Tuesdays Linkup

Get away from me with all of your pumpkin and apple recipes! It is only September 1st! It is still SUMMER! At least for 3 more weeks. Or at least can we wait until Labor Day. It is still time to savor the vine ripened tomatoes and zucchini and watermelon and spicy peppers. Enjoy them now before they… Continue reading 20 Fabulous Summer Produce Recipes – Tasty Tuesdays Linkup

Rumtopf over ice cream
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Rumtopf Recipe and Printable

Rumtopf takes the longest to prepare of any recipe I have on the site. It literally takes MONTHS! But that is all sitting time. The actual work is less than 5 minutes a month. What is Rumtopf? Literally translated it means Rum Pot in German. In Danish it is spelled Rumkrukke. It is a way to preserve… Continue reading Rumtopf Recipe and Printable

10 tomato free salsa recipes
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10 Tomato Free Salsa Recipes

What do I have against tomatoes in salsa? Not a thing. I love a good tomato salsa, particularly Pico de Gallo in the summer time when tomatoes are at their peak! But, I also like other kinds of salsa. So, in honor of the pseudo-Mexican holiday next week, I thought it would be fun to… Continue reading 10 Tomato Free Salsa Recipes

Bahia Fruit Salad - Pineapple and Melon Salsa or Fruit Salad based on the one served at Café Bahia in San Diego, CA.
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Spice Up Your Meals with this Melon and Pineapple Fruit Salad.

Have you ever made something and people ate it wrong and it turns out they created something equally awesome? It just happened to me on Sunday. I had "fruit duty" for Easter dinner, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and make some Bahia Fruit Salad so I could get some better photos of it… Continue reading Spice Up Your Meals with this Melon and Pineapple Fruit Salad.

Creamy Cherry Pie
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10 Pie Recipes Perfect for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Yes, it is corny. My Math Professor husband hates it. But, I personally like pie, both sweet and savory. Graham cracker crust, puff pastry or flaky pie dough? Yup! I like them all. Unfortunately for me, I gave up sweets for Lent and today is Friday so no meat. But, I went through… Continue reading 10 Pie Recipes Perfect for Pi Day

cake carved from watermelon and other fruit
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Wow ’em with Watermelon!

Not five miutes after I posted some fruit themed cover photos to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter than one of my friends posted this picture of the Birthday Fruit Cake that her daughter made her for her birthday. That does not look like "my mama's fruit cake"! Here are Caitlyn's directions: It's one big and one small watermelon, 1 mango,… Continue reading Wow ’em with Watermelon!