Posole Mexican Hominy Stew
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Posole – Mexican Pork and Hominy Stew

I am dreaming of cool Fall weather these days to help me get through what I hope is the last hot spell of the year. Curling up under a blanket, listening to the gentle rain and enjoying a nice bowl of soup. Like this Posole. Unlike Abuela's version, (not my Abuela actually, but someone else's Mexican… Continue reading Posole – Mexican Pork and Hominy Stew

Hominy Tortillas - www.thatrecipe.com
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Hominy Tortillas

Continuing our Corn theme this week here's another tortilla recipe from The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook, Hominy Tortillas. You can make basic corn tortillas using the recipe on the package of masa harina, but if you want to add a special texture to them, try adding some hominy. They taste like fresh from corn pulp tortillas. Use them with… Continue reading Hominy Tortillas