Hungarian Kolbasz
Main Courses - meat, Pork

Hungarian Kolbasz

Hungarian Kolbasz is a pork sausage loaded with paprika and garlic and allspice. The word looks very similar to Kielbasa that most people are more familiar with or Kovabaca in Ukranian. Each region of Eastern Europe has their own version with a slightly different spelling and spice combination. This recipe is from my husband's grandfather. And… Continue reading Hungarian Kolbasz

Kolache - Hungarian Nut Bread
Breakfast, Desserts, Holidays

Kolache – Sweet Nut Roll

Have you ever had Kolache? It is a Central European (Hungarian, Czech, Ukrainian, etc.) treat made with a rich brioche like dough filled with sweetened nut or seed filling. And it is DELICIOUS! In my husband's house growing up it was breakfast every Christmas morning. You can enjoy it any time of the year, but… Continue reading Kolache – Sweet Nut Roll

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Just like Mama used to make.

How many of us have vivid memories of certain dishes our mothers (aunts, grandmothers, etc.) made while we were growing up?  And how many of us assume they will always be around and able to make those special dishes for us when we want them?  If that is the case, and you still have the… Continue reading Just like Mama used to make.