easy tortilla soup
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Easy Tortilla Soup

I found this recipe for Tortilla Soup in Ma'am's original recipe archives and it looked so simple and satisfying I knew I had to make it for dinner and get it on the blog for Fall. Yes, I am still fantasizing about cool weather. Two extra bonuses are: -you probably already have the ingredients in the house… Continue reading Easy Tortilla Soup

Posole Mexican Hominy Stew
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Posole – Mexican Pork and Hominy Stew

I am dreaming of cool Fall weather these days to help me get through what I hope is the last hot spell of the year. Curling up under a blanket, listening to the gentle rain and enjoying a nice bowl of soup. Like this Posole. Unlike Abuela's version, (not my Abuela actually, but someone else's Mexican… Continue reading Posole – Mexican Pork and Hominy Stew

10 tomato free salsa recipes
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10 Tomato Free Salsa Recipes

What do I have against tomatoes in salsa? Not a thing. I love a good tomato salsa, particularly Pico de Gallo in the summer time when tomatoes are at their peak! But, I also like other kinds of salsa. So, in honor of the pseudo-Mexican holiday next week, I thought it would be fun to… Continue reading 10 Tomato Free Salsa Recipes

TVP Tacos - thatrecipe.com
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TVP Tacos

When I was typing up the Meatless Main Course suggestions a few weeks ago, I suddenly remembered one of my favorites from years ago. Eons ago, Amway used to offer an incredible meatless taco mix that only needed water added, in addition to your favorite taco toppings. TVP and the spice cabinet to the rescue. What is… Continue reading TVP Tacos

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Meatless Main Courses

Are you following us on Facebook? You are missing out if you aren't. The other day I asked for people's best Vegetarian / Meatless / Lenten meals and I got some delicious responses. Too bad you missed them.  Just kidding. Of course I am going to share them with you here too. My college roomie… Continue reading Meatless Main Courses

Hominy Tortillas - www.thatrecipe.com
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Hominy Tortillas

Continuing our Corn theme this week here's another tortilla recipe from The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook, Hominy Tortillas. You can make basic corn tortillas using the recipe on the package of masa harina, but if you want to add a special texture to them, try adding some hominy. They taste like fresh from corn pulp tortillas. Use them with… Continue reading Hominy Tortillas