Beef Shish Kebabs, Sis Kebap, Shish Kabob
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Simple Beef Shish Kebabs

How delicious did my guys think these Simple Beef Shish Kebabs were? Not only did they eat them, they complimented me! UNPROMPTED! If you tell them I marinated them in yogurt and onions, I will disavow any knowledge of those facts. They loved them, but I would have had a full fledged riot on my… Continue reading Simple Beef Shish Kebabs

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies
Desserts, Holidays

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies – One Dough Three Ways

I love cookie dough that can be made into different cookies, especially this time of year. You just make up a double batch of the dough, or even triple it, and then add a little of this and a little of that and voila! Different cookies. This Chocolate Cream Cheese dough is delicious and malleable… Continue reading Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies – One Dough Three Ways