Southwestern Black Bean and Mushroom Burger
Main Courses - meatless

Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

Loaded with spices and mushrooms for texture, could someone really think these Southwestern Black Bean Burgers are made with ground meat? Not for a minute. But they are absolutely delicious in their own right. I saw the recipe in the June issue of Cooking Light and immediately knew I had to make them. I learned awhile… Continue reading Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

Coconut Curried Eggs
Appetizers, Cheese and Eggs, Main Courses - meatless

Coconut Curried Eggs: A Delicious and Unique Dish

Do you have a fridge full of leftover Easter Eggs and want something a bit more exciting than egg salad or deviled eggs? Or maybe you are looking for an easy meatless weeknight dinner. Well, I have a simple tasty recipe for you: Coconut Curried Eggs. This dish whips up in under 30 minutes, is ovo-vegetarian… Continue reading Coconut Curried Eggs: A Delicious and Unique Dish

Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes - Cheddar Bacon and Parmesan Herb -
Cheese and Eggs, Potatoes, Side Dishes

Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes

I had a few cups of mashed potatoes leftover and the fridge and didn't want to do plain old Mashed Potato Pancakes - which are great, mind you - I just thought I'd better add a little something extra if I didn't want J to snub them. So, I came up with two versions: Parmesan… Continue reading Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes

Black Bean Coconut Brownies - Gluten Free Brownies made with black beans, coconut and chocolate chips. No flour!

Black Bean Coconut Brownies

When I saw this recipe from the Roasted Root on Pinterest all I could think was I'd better not tell anyone what is in them until they try them. Most people will look at the ingredient list and be disgusted. Black beans, coffee grounds and balsamic vinegar. Definitely high "eewww!" potential.   I've made a chocolate breakfast cookie… Continue reading Black Bean Coconut Brownies