Curried Sweet Potato Soup
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Curried Sweet Potato Soup plus Tasty Tuesdays Link Up

While flipping through the original May I Have a Copy of That Recipe cookbook that was the precursor to this website, I came across a recipe for Curried Sweet Potato Soup that I knew wasn't on the blog yet. Mostly because I know Ma'am never made. She put it in as a joke for a… Continue reading Curried Sweet Potato Soup plus Tasty Tuesdays Link Up

Chicken and Dumplings -
Breads, Main Courses - meat, Poultry

Chicken and Dumplings plus Homemade Baking Mix

It finally feels like Autumn in my neck of the woods, and I am craving comfort foods. Comfort foods like Chicken and Dumplings. This hearty one dish meal cooks up in about 30 minutes with basic ingredients you probably have in the kitchen. Ma'am's original recipe uses canned chicken, which I never have in the house. I… Continue reading Chicken and Dumplings plus Homemade Baking Mix

Beef and Bacon Tournedos with Bernaise Sauce -
Beef, Main Courses - meat

Beef and Bacon Tournedos

Beef and Bacon Tournedos was one of my Dad's signature dishes. It wasn't until recently that I found out it came from a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook called His Turn to Cook. The title is a bit condescending in today's day and age, but the recipes are wonderful. The section titled From the Hunter's Bag… Continue reading Beef and Bacon Tournedos

Turkey Curry
Main Courses - meat, Poultry

Turkey Curry

My family would gather on Thanksgiving day at Aunt Jeanne and Uncle John's house (for 60 years!). On Friday or Saturday afterwards my mom would make another turkey with cornbread stuffing and pear salad (canned pears with a dollop of mayonnaise in the hole topped with a maraschino cherry). This way we had leftovers too.… Continue reading Turkey Curry