20 Summer Produce Recipes
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20 Fabulous Summer Produce Recipes – Tasty Tuesdays Linkup

Get away from me with all of your pumpkin and apple recipes! It is only September 1st! It is still SUMMER! At least for 3 more weeks. Or at least can we wait until Labor Day. It is still time to savor the vine ripened tomatoes and zucchini and watermelon and spicy peppers. Enjoy them now before they… Continue reading 20 Fabulous Summer Produce Recipes – Tasty Tuesdays Linkup

Andalusian Beet Gazpacho - A twist on traditional Gazpacho that uses beets instead of tomatoes. A quick and easy meal for hot summer nights.
Soup, Vegetables and Salads

Andalusian Beet Gazpacho

My brother and I disagree on many subjects.  Beets are one of them.  I remember him eating them straight out of the jar in the refrigerator as a child, fingers and face stained red.  I was a nice big sister and left them for him to eat. Recently, he sent me his recipe for Andalusian Beet Gazpacho in response to… Continue reading Andalusian Beet Gazpacho