Beef Shish Kebabs, Sis Kebap, Shish Kabob
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Simple Beef Shish Kebabs

How delicious did my guys think these Simple Beef Shish Kebabs were? Not only did they eat them, they complimented me! UNPROMPTED! If you tell them I marinated them in yogurt and onions, I will disavow any knowledge of those facts. They loved them, but I would have had a full fledged riot on my… Continue reading Simple Beef Shish Kebabs

Curried Sweet Potato Soup
Soup, Vegetables and Salads

Curried Sweet Potato Soup plus Tasty Tuesdays Link Up

While flipping through the original May I Have a Copy of That Recipe cookbook that was the precursor to this website, I came across a recipe for Curried Sweet Potato Soup that I knew wasn't on the blog yet. Mostly because I know Ma'am never made. She put it in as a joke for a… Continue reading Curried Sweet Potato Soup plus Tasty Tuesdays Link Up

crock pot barbecue london broil
Beef, Main Courses - meat

BBQ London Broil in the Slow Cooker plus Tasty Tuedays Link Up

I managed to get a good deal on a London Broil (aka top round or flank steak), but didn't want to go with my usual method of cooking it which is to marinade then cook on grill/broil until medium rare in the middle. This time I decided to cook it low and slow in the… Continue reading BBQ London Broil in the Slow Cooker plus Tasty Tuedays Link Up

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Bacon Alfredo
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Pumpkin Gnocchi and Bacon Alfredo

I know I swore I wouldn't do a pumpkin recipe this year, but then I joined the Crazy Ingredient Challenge. Each month the group picks two ingredients and makes a recipe with them. This month we chose Pumpkin and Bacon. So, I had to give in and come up with a pumpkin recipe. So in a burst… Continue reading Pumpkin Gnocchi and Bacon Alfredo

Mezetti - beef and noodle supper
Beef, Main Courses - meat, Pasta

Mezetti – Beef and Noodle Skillet Meal

Here's a great one skillet meal that's been in the family for years. Hearty, beefy stick to your ribs meal that cooks up in about 45 minutes, most of it hands off time, making it perfect for a weeknight. I have no idea where the name Mezetti came from, I assume it's the name of the person that… Continue reading Mezetti – Beef and Noodle Skillet Meal

easy tortilla soup
Poultry, Soup

Easy Tortilla Soup

I found this recipe for Tortilla Soup in Ma'am's original recipe archives and it looked so simple and satisfying I knew I had to make it for dinner and get it on the blog for Fall. Yes, I am still fantasizing about cool weather. Two extra bonuses are: -you probably already have the ingredients in the house… Continue reading Easy Tortilla Soup

Foil Wrapped Salmon and vegetables

Foil Wrapped Salmon and Vegetables

Confession time: I am afraid to cook fish. If I mess up $3 a pound chicken I can somewhat come to grips with that. But, $19 a pound salmon fillet. No way! I would be devastated for days. While strolling through the store this week I spied a wild caught Keta salmon fillet for about $6… Continue reading Foil Wrapped Salmon and Vegetables