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Biscuit Donuts

Biscuit Donuts - thatrecipe.comZip Van Winkle obviously does not understand that there was a time change yesterday. At 4:30 am this morning his eyes popped open and he was ready for action. Ugh! I wish I could be that energetic when I wake up. Of course, perhaps if he would allow me to sleep a little longer I might.

Since we were up ridiculously early, and I had a batch of Refrigerator Biscuits in the fridge, I decided we were having Biscuit Donuts for breakfast. I figured I was going to need the sugar to get me through the morning as Mommy Helper in his class.

Of course this meant I was going to have to get over my innate fear of frying. Well, I don’t really fear it, but I do try to avoid for health reasons as well as the mess potential. These donuts are actually quick fried in a few minutes so they do not absorb a lot of oil, especially if you have it at the magic temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

All you need to make these are:

  • Refrigerated Biscuits (buy them in the can at the store or make this recipe).
  • Sugar – granulated, powdered, cinnamon and sugar, or icing – whatever you want to top them with.
  • Oil – 1 1/2 – 2 quarts should be plenty
  • Deep Fat Fryer, Cast Iron Skillet or other heavy bottomed pan with at least 3″ high sides (my directions are for the cast iron skillet – if you have a fryer you probably know how to use it)
  • candy/fat thermometer
  • slotted spoon or tongs
  • paper towels

Start by pouring the oil into the pan until it is about 1 1/2 inches deep. Place thermometer in the back of the pan so it is in the oil, but not touching the bottom and you can easily monitor it. Start heating to 375 degrees (my thermometer is even labeled “donuts” at that mark).

Biscuit Donuts - thatrecipe.comOpen the biscuits, or if using the homemade version, cut them into circles. Flatten with your hand and make a whole in the middle. Make it very flat and the hole exaggerated like this photo – these will expand about 4 fold.

Put your sugar or cinnamon sugar in a small bowl if you are using it. If you are going to frost them, get that ready, but you will want to wait until they have cooled to frost or the icing will melt.

Biscuit Donuts frying - thatrecipe.comWhen the oil is at 375 degrees, GENTLY slide in the donuts a few at a time. Keep an eye on the temperature as you fry, when you add the donuts the oil will cool. Turn up the heat if needed, otherwise the donuts will take longer to cook, absorb too much oil and be a greasy mess. If the oil gets too hot the donuts will cook too quickly on the outside and be raw on the inside (do as I say not as I did on the first one, hee hee).

Let cook until the edges start to look brown then flip. They should only take a minute or two per side. Remove from the oil with the spoon or tongs and place on  the paper towels to absorb some of the oil. Dip in sugar. If frosting, put on a cooling rack to cool before proceeding.

Biscuit Donuts - inside -
Light brown on the outside – fluffy on the inside

Devour. Well, that’s what J and I did anyway. Sorry, Daddy…

Biscuit Donuts - empty plate -

Of course next time I will have to try these Vanilla Cream Filled ones from XOXO Hannah. Krispy Kremes are my Kryptonite (well, one of many).

Homemade Vanilla Creme Filled Donuts


Until next time, happy eating.

4 thoughts on “Biscuit Donuts”

  1. Oh my GOODNESS those look good! I also need a sugar rush to face the day, though my nest has long been empty. LOL Years ago, when I was at a girls camp for a few days, the group one site over had something like this. I still remember suffering agonies because our food options were not that great. LOL

    (Thanks for visiting my blog today! NaBloPoMo rocks!)
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  2. The donuts look really yummy. I used to make donuts in college, but now I just buy them and that isn’t often.

    The thing I hate about frying is splatter. Just about the only thing we fry around here besides eggs is chicken once in a while. I do love my Lodge pan.
    Rob recently posted…My Writing SpaceMy Profile

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