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How to Heal Your Gut and Improve Your Health

Have you heard the terms “gut health” and “probiotics” being bandied about these days and wondered what the heck they mean and why should I care?

I am lucky not to have the chronic illnesses that effect some of my family members like Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and the like. But sometimes things feel “off” especially if I am under a lot of stress, eat poorly or am on antibiotics. And I won’t even mention the number that hormone fluctuations can do to me.

Just last week my stomach felt sour and I had a mouth full of canker sores. The balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in my digestive track (my gut health) was out of balance. I needed some probiotics (the good bacteria) and fast!

I have always enjoyed yogurt, but have recently developed a penchant for kombucha (probiotic tea). Both are loaded with good stuff to help your digestive tract break down the food you eat and convert it to energy. And there are a host of other foods that can help too.

The Gut Health Super Bundle

I recently got a copy of The Gut Health Super Bundle from Ultimate Bundles. Disclosure time: I am an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles, if you purchase through the links on this page I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. You can read the full disclosure here.

The Gut Health Super Bundle includes 16 ebooks, 5 eCourses, 3 videos, and 1 massive summit full of expert videos.

These top-quality resources cover everything you need to heal your gut… tummy-soothing recipes, meal plans, quick-start guides, in-depth education, and so much more.

For less than the cost of some high-quality probiotics, you’ll get a complete library to help you:

  • End your digestive complaints (you know what they are)
  • Identify your own trigger foods and learn how to eat for digestibility
  • Discover how to make gut-healing fermented foods at home – and cheaply!
  • Choose the best probiotics and other supplements
  • Simplify your meal planning routine with gut-healing recipes and meal plans
  • and finally get your health back.

Plus, it comes with $40 worth of bonus offers for tummy-friendly, real food products.

The package includes 25 digital products worth over $695!

They are selling the bundle for only $29.97. Heck, you get $40 worth for $30. Plus all of the recipes and tips.

So far my three favorites are

  • Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables (I think the first I will try are Fermented Garlic, Beet and Kohlrabi Sauerkraut)
  • Broth for Breakfast (the Poached Egg Breakfast and CCF Drink are great)
  • Candida on Ice (Sugar Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Ice Cream will be in my freezer soon)

And I can’t wait to start brewing my own kombucha.

Ready to start healing your gut?

  1. Visit their website, take a quick look at all the goodness that comes in this package, then click the “Get my copy now!” button to go through their simple and secure 3-step checkout process.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading your eBooks, signing up for your eCourses, and redeeming your free bonus offers.
  3. Use their Getting Started Guide to pick the topic you want to tackle first and start the healing journey!

The most important detail, though, is that this bundle is available for just six days! After Monday night, March 27th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

I’d hate for you to miss out, so click HERE to learn more or buy the bundle.

It’s even backed by a 100% happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you.


Learn more or get your bundle HERE

(Psst… the bundle goes away at 11:59 pm Eastern on Monday, March 27th, so don’t wait!)

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