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7 Scrumptious Recipes for Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rumJanuary 17th is Hot Buttered Rum Day according to Serendipity and Spice’s A Blogger’s List of National Days.  An extensive 5 minute search found that no one seems to know  how or when this holiday was started, but who cares. It gives me something to blog about.

Hot Buttered Rum originated in Colonial America when molasses started being imported from Jamaica and rum began to be distilled in the Americas. The colonists started adding rum to their Hot Toddy and Egg Nog instead of other imported spirits like whiskey or brandy.

The definitive Hot Buttered Rum recipe is as elusive as the details of the holiday’s origin. So I am giving you 7 recipes to choose from.Have one a day for a week or throw a party and make them all at once to have a taste off.

And if you want to make any of them non-alcoholic for the kids, designated drivers or those that don’t imbibe just use either rum flavoring and/or apple cider. The recipes all have enough yumminess they don’t really need the alcohol to be enjoyed.

First up is a celebrity recipe. Which to choose? Rachel Ray or Emeril Lagasse? Uh, no contest there. My brother would strangle me if I linked to one of her recipes (though she uses honey like we do). Emeril’s Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail.

Other than that one, I am staying away from the big name cooks and sites and sharing the love with my fellow bloggers.

Katie at the Kitchen Door offers us a Burnt Sugar Hot Buttered Rum that requires a bit more effort than just mix and add hot liquid, but that extra few minutes looks worth it to me:

Burnt-Sugar Hot Buttered Rum {Katie at the Kitchen Door}
Photo from Katie at the Kitchen Door


The Curious Coconut has both the Paleo crowd and coffee lovers covered with this Paleo-friendly Hot Buttered Rum or Coffee:

Paleo-friendly hot buttered rum/hot buttered coffee. Great to take and share at holiday gatherings! 
photo from The Curious Coconut


If you want your beverage creamier and more dessert like, may I suggest Delightful E Made’s Creamy Hot Buttered Rum (she adds ICE CREAM!):

Creamy Hot Buttered Rum by Delightful E Made
Photo from Delightful E Made


The Wanderlust Kitchen’s recipe is similar to the one above, but she has the brilliant idea of freezing the mix in ice cube trays so you can quickly make individual servings:

Perfect hot buttered rum mix in 3 easy steps
Photo from The Wanderlust Kitchen


Tamilee Tips breaks out the crock pot to make hers. Sounds like a great way to keep it warm for a party!

Crock Pot Hot buttered rum Recipe
photo from Tamilee Tips

Our family recipe uses honey instead of the brown sugar most of the above recipes use and it is scaled for a single drink.

Hot Buttered Rum

Meal type Beverage
Occasion Winter
Region American
Simple individual serving Hot Buttered Rum recipe using honey. Non-alcoholic options included.


  • 1 Jigger dark rum
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • dash nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 stick cinnamon
  • boiling water


Make a non-alcoholic version by adding rum flavoring/extract and increasing the water, or swapping out apple cider for the water and rum.


Put rum, honey, butter and ground spices in a cup or mug. Add boiling water to fill. Sprinkle with additional spices. Serve with a cinnamon stick as a muddler.

Happy Hot Buttered Rum Day!

Until next time, happy eating.


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  1. Great roundup. I had no idea there was a hot buttered rum day. I’ve been thinking of making some for a while (I even went out and bought some cinnamon sticks). Seeing your post today inspired me and I’m sipping one right now while watching the national championship (college football). Wow these are good! I used Emeril’s recipe.

  2. Oh I do like a hot buttered rum and now you have given me more reasons to like these tasty drinks, we would love to see these on our link up (which is still open), I’m sure our readers would also love to see your hot rum recipes, yum!

  3. Oh my hot buttered rumness! How divine are these recipes? Thanks so much for linking up at Mum-bo Monday. Your post has been selected by my co-host Jennifer from Nanna’s Wisdom as her pick of the party and will be featured this week. Thanks again! #mumbomonday

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