Liver, Love, Loathe

I don’t think there is an in between on liver, people either love it or loath it.  It might be the texture. It is from an animal so many people (like me) might subconsciously expect it to have a firm grain like the muscle does, but then it turns out to be mushy and pasty. And then there is the strong flavor. It is pretty healthy, loaded with protein and vitamins and cholesterol, so it really is a sometime food.

Ma’am likes her beef liver with bacon and onions and she used to make rumaki (bacon wrapped chicken livers) for us occassionally. Well, sure if you add bacon, anything tastes better.

Lalanne Pate
Lalanne Pate

My first instinct is “I don’t like liver.” But that isn’t exactly true. I am definately turned off by the texture, unless you play up the texture. I like liverwurst, braunschweiger, chopped chicken liver and pate. You know, PASTY spreadable things. Those I like, a lot.

I recently went on a freezer cleaning binge last week and found a pound of sausage and some chicken livers saved from all those whole chickens I have used to make other things. Chicken liver plus sausage – JACKPOT! Pate. I got one measly slice at Thanksgiving because I was so busy making sure J ate and catching up with my family. I didn’t make it for Christmas because I didn’t want to tempt my mother-in-law who is on a strict diet that probably does not include my homemade pate. So, I made myself a half recipe (one loaf). Part of it is in the freezer for Ma’am, and I am rationing out the rest.

Chopped Liver and Egg

Chopped Liver and Egg

And since I still had some livers left over, I made some Chopped Liver and Egg using the liver and the rendered chicken fat also left over from those whole chickens.

Next time I have enough saved up I may try to find a recipe for Liverwurst, because as odd as it may sound with my picky eater, he likes it too.

Until next time, happy eating


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3 Responses to Liver, Love, Loathe

  1. Michelle M says:

    Thanks for the extra pate at T’giving! It was delicious. :)

  2. Administrator says:

    that’s what big cousins are for.

    I probably should have brought up 5 Thanksgivings ago when you were kind enough to be my designated eater and had mine for me when I was pregnant.

  3. Noel Lizotte says:

    lol! We are sisters in liver! I don’t like Liver …. then again, I’ve never tried it. I do like liverwurst! Go figure!!
    and you know, maybe I need to try the bacon wrapped liver thing … that would be a good first taste!

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