About That Recipe

Welcome to That Recipe, a collection of recipes dedicated to good friends and good food.

Editorial Mission

The recipes contained on the site reflect my personal food philosophy:

Food should be enjoyed not sanctified or demonized

I might post a gluten free side dish one day, a Paleo main course the next and a full fat and sugar calorie laden dessert the next. What is “healthy” for one person could be toxic for another. And what diet worked for you in your 20’s may not work for you in your 40’s.

Personally, I enjoy all types of foods and cuisines. Except, maybe, insects and Limburger cheese. <shudder> Just can’t bring myself to try them. But, if you enjoy them, you are more than welcome to my share.

I encourage readers to tailor the recipes for their own personal dietary needs and tastes. Try new ingredients, cuisines and cooking methods. Enjoy your food with family and friends. Life is too short to obsess over finding the one perfect food that will cure all diseases and make everyone skinny and young looking.

Editorial Staff

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